Trulli, olive groves, vineyards, golden beaches and clear blue sea …

The Marina di Maruggio, more commonly known as Campomarino , is the only village in the municipality of Maruggio.

The center is built in the ‘900 in the area where they were already on the Moline Tower, a watchtower against the Saracens of the fourteenth century, the former palace Seminarile and even around the port, which has been modified in the course of the twentieth century.

Campomarino, but generally all coast, is renowned for the beauty of its sea and also of its beaches.

Also Campomarino is  important in a naturalistic sense: the fraction is surrounded by towering dunes and as such is born of Campomarino Dunes Park. Here we are preserved the Mediterranean and we can find thyme, rosemary, juniper etc.

From west to east along the coast of the municipality of Maruggio meet the beaches of Torre Ovo, Piri Piri, Acquadolce, the Madonnina, Naturist Ayala, the Commandery, the Wind and the Port beach, near the marina tourism; beyond this are still the beaches of commuters, the Cardinal and the Monaco Mirante, until you get to Borraco Tower in the territory of Manduria.